• Feeding the hungry, needing your help

    The holiday season is upon us, and that means food, fellowship and football in many homes. Unfortunately, in some homes, it means days much like the other days of the year with not enough money to buy all the food it takes to provide for the family.

  • Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, readers, along to your family members and friends. This is a day for giving thanks, and we have been blessed with more than our fair share of reasons to be thankful.

  • Welcome back for a long stay

    The Manning Passing Academy and Nicholls State University have agreed to a six-year extension that will keep the elite athletic camp at on local campus.

  • Local and state governments welcome new faces

    Not all the local elections on Saturday were claimed by political newcomers, but local and state government will have different looks to them after the new year.

  • Taking steps to tackle crime

    The people of Terrebonne Parish have a problem, and they are trying to address it. Local residents have held prayer meetings and attended government meetings seeking an answer to the plague of violence that is affecting so many in our communities.

  • Welcome to office and thank you

    Welcome to office and thank you for running. If you know anyone who has run for office during the election cycle that ended on Saturday, extend a hearty thank you.

  • Cheers and Jeers: Nov. 21, 2015

    Cheers — Big shoes to fill
    Cheers — New book
    Cheers — Clean water
    Cheers — Zero for December

Letters to the editor

  • Destroy Islamic terrorists in Syria

    The Western world has to go into Syria and Iraq to eliminate ISIS. ISIS has established a caliphate, and if we destroy it in Syria and Iraq, its tentacles in other countries will hopefully tend to wither away.

  • Announcement by Taco Bell is a victory

    The announcement by Taco Bell that it will switch to using only cage-free American Humane Certified eggs in U.S. locations is a major victory for farm animals.

  • Watch out for this around pets

    Thousands of dogs have been poisoned (some fatally) in recent years by a substance that is 100 times more toxic to dogs than chocolate — and it could be in your pantry, purse or medicine cabinet right now.

  • What price for our blue water Navy veterans?

    As of this writing, there are 289 members of the House of Representatives who are co-sponsors of House Resolution 969 and 34 member of the Senate who are co-sponsors of Senate Bill 681.

  • Vitter would be bad for Louisiana

    Louisiana’s most prominent voice on the national stage is the resident of the governor’s mansion. Thus it’s crucial that our next governor is capable of speaking eloquently and knowledgeably about our most pressing issue, our...

  • ALS hits veterans harder than most

    Over the last year, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has done a tremendous job of shining a light on a devastating disease. On Veterans Day I want to bring awareness to an alarming ALS statistic.

  • Choice is not a choice at all

    The remaining gubernatorial candidates generally agree on more issues than not, so the runoff will be a referendum on their personal honor, character and integrity.