• New maps have same old flaws

    The National Hurricane Center has released a new set of maps designed to assess the flood risk of each area.

  • College money will be used well

    Local colleges will get more than $1 million that they will use to enhance workforce training and research.

  • Money will further research

    The Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium is doing valuable, important work researching the ongoing impacts of the 2010 Gulf oil spill. Thanks to a $16 million grant, that work will be able to continue.

  • Saints don’t have to panic ... yet

    The Saints were never in Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The game, which the Saints eventually lost 27-10, seemed like it was over almost as soon as it began.

  • Levee project will help us all

    Water doesn’t stop at arbitrary political boundaries. But far too often, our approach to flood control starts and stops at parish lines.

  • Emphasis is on safety, education

    Safety checkpoints have become commonplace. Police agencies throughout our region use them to, among other things, check to make sure children are being transported in the way the law says they must be.

  • Cheers and jeefs

    A tasty fundraiser — You didn’t have to care anything about Nicholls State’s John Folse Culinary Institute to have a great time sampling some incredible food at the Bite of the Arts gala last week on campus.

Letters to the editor

  • Louisiana was the winner

    Election Day has come and gone. Louisiana is the winner, in that we will have a new U.S. senator, come December.

  • Flag is an insult, not a tribute

    I muse about all the good that has come out of this state and parish, but there are certain reminders that lead me to think we still have a way to go in Louisiana and this parish as far as race relations are concerned.

  • Thank you for the coverage

    In last week’s newspaper there was an excellent front-page story about the local food banks, followed by a full-length editorial a couple of days later. I would like to comment.

  • Landrieu lied about Obamacare

    Consider this: Obama, Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, and most Democrats who lied and deceived all of us about the Affordable Care Act, were dishonest.

  • Amnesty is not the answer

    So now Mr. Obama wants to open the door to millions of Central American children. Is he going to adopt at least a dozen? He is just being charitable but at the expense of the already-overburdened taxpayers.

  • Israeli peace is impossible

    J Street, a national organization, promotes a peace agenda for the Israelis and Palestinians. It believes a final status agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians embodying a two state solution will guarantee peace in the region, but this is...

  • Thank you, Mary Landrieu

    The Senate will finally vote to greenlight the Keystone XL pipeline. There is one person who made it all possible: our own senator, Mary Landrieu. As she has done time and time again, Mary seized an opportunity to reach across the aisle to create...

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