Letters to the editor

  • Egg industry promotes cruelty

    This Easter, why not enjoy some vegan chocolate eggs rather than eggs laid by hens in tiny wire mesh cages?
    Approximately 95 percent of the eggs produced in America come from factory-farmed hens.

  • Exports could threaten jobs

    The Ukraine-Russia crisis has Congress rushing to consider legislation to accelerate exports of natural gas, which will increase U.S. natural gas and electricity prices. This is despite the fact that the U.S. will not have any LNG export terminals...

  • The kindness of strangers

    My 14-year-old daughter, my husband and I experienced the kindness of strangers from Houma at the soccer complex on Little Black Bayou Road when my daughter was injured during a game recently.

  • How much longer will this go on?

    How much longer will we put up with the political situation? To clarify my political affiliations, I am a registered independent and have no obligations to any party. I support people who espouse my conservative principles, no matter what their...

  • Don’t forget our veterans

    Our legislators in Washington must stop playing politics with our veterans.

  • Power corrupts in Washington

    We now have the best government money can buy.
    Do you like it?
    Are you satisfied with the decisions being made in our Washington, D.C., government?

  • Be honest, help one another

    Do some people actually think we don’t have religious freedom because of 0bamacare?
    It is my understanding that Obamacare does not in any way restrict religious freedom.

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