• Nicholls gets good news ... for now

    Nicholls State got some good news last week when a national credit rating agency removed it from its credit watch list.

  • School problems go beneath the surface

    An advisory committee is looking into Terrebonne Parish's public schools in the hopes of helping to draw up a new master plan for the district's facilities. As part of the committee's research, it is visiting some of the schools in the most...

  • Cheers and Jeers: Aug. 1, 2015

    Cheers -- Plants, plants everywhere
    Cheers -- Gulf Guardians
    Cheers -- Another successful delivery

  • Jobless rate rises, but no cause for panic

    The local unemployment rate rose to 6 percent in June. That is nothing to celebrate, of course, but it is also no cause for panic.

  • A new season dawns for Saints' fans

    When the Saints players and coaches showed up for summer training camp this week, it was in the hopes of improving on last year's 7-9 campaign. Now the work has begun.

  • Public defenders must be able to do their jobs

    The cause of indigent defendants might not get a lot of public sympathy, but it is a crucial public service. The U.S. Constitution guarantees defendants who cannot afford a lawyer will nonetheless be represented in court. That protection of our...

  • Good signs coming from the Gulf

    Depending on which prediction you read, oil prices could be set for a rebound or headed even lower. In turn, that could mean a healthy recovery for the local oilfield businesses and workers who have suffered a slowdown corresponding to the current...

Letters to the editor

  • Animal cruelty is a red flag

    The man suspected of killing two people and wounding nine others when he opened fire in a Lafayette movie theater reportedly had a history of cruelty to animals.

  • Confusion abounds

    The level of misunderstanding by elected officials and civic leaders of how government is formed and functions in the U.S. is mind-blowing.

  • Lose weight while saving animals

    The verdict is in: If you want to lose weight, you should eat healthy vegan foods rather than meat, eggs and dairy products.

  • Clearing up some misconceptions

    Thanks to Executive Editor Keith Magill for his efforts to demystify Common Core. Most people won't bother to visit the Council for a Better Louisiana website to get the facts.

  • Laws should be more strict

    Unbelievable. What other word could describe the decision to give two vicious dogs back to their owner to attack more innocent people. Unbelievable that a mail carrier was mauled in public while performing her job, then had to be rushed to the...

  • Foot broken, but eyes opened

    On Feb. 1 I broke my left foot in three places. This event opened my eyes to a world that I had only noticed in passing but did not really appreciate.

  • Kurds and Druze are threatened

    The conflicts in Syria have increased the complexity of the Middle East and exacerbated the instability in the region.