• Cheers and Jeers: Aug. 27, 2016

    Cheers — Storm, storm stay away
    Cheers — A clean audit
    Cheers — A small price to pay

  • Better times ahead for the Saints, their fans

    Fans of the New Orleans Saints who were hoping to see a more powerful offensive display in the second preseason game were disappointed Saturday night.

  • Better forecasting could save lives

    No one in south Louisiana needed or wanted a reminder of the death and destruction a natural event can bring. Still, we all got one with the recent deadly floods that struck our state.

  • President's visit better late than never

    The juxtaposed photos of President Obama golfing on his vacation with south Louisianans being rescued by boat were a powerful message.

  • Caregiver Act will help people

    More than 660,000 people in Louisiana serve as caregivers for ailing family members so they can stay at home rather than being hospitalized or institutionalized.

  • Slow down and be careful

    School is back in session throughout our region, and we have to be sure to look out for all the students. For months, those same youngsters were relaxing and enjoying life with their friends. They were swimming, going to camp and doing all the other...

  • Flooding reminds us of our luck, vulnerability

    South Louisiana is suffering. We have suffered before, and we have endured.

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Letters to the editor

  • Group advocates government transparency

    Documents and records. Those words can be thought-provoking in this day of technology for keeping the facts of who, what, when, where and why of all things important to know available to the community.

  • Two flawed candidates for president

    Clinton and Trump are flawed candidates running for president.

  • Protecting Louisiana's fisheries

    In recent weeks, anglers have been fiercely discussing which level of government should manage the red snapper fishing season in the Gulf of Mexico. At the heart of the debate is whether or not Louisiana will take on the responsibility for this new...

  • A pro-life Democrat of the future

    I want to congratulate Gov. John Bel Edwards on receiving the Governor Casey Whole Life Leadership Award at a special reception hosted by Democrats for Life of America during the recent Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

  • Article brings back memories of service

    I was 14 years old, a naive Cajun boy trying to adjust in the big city of New Orleans in the middle of World War II.

  • First in taxes, last in education

    Louisiana is now first in the nation for taxes, and we are last in the nation for education.

  • The corps should fix our coast

    Coastal erosion will continue to plague our coast until we repair our first line of defense, the barrier islands.