• Why not call a special session?

    Louisiana's colleges and universities are in terrible financial shape.

  • Privacy should be a concern

    The Obama administration has changed course and will keep the federal government's health insurance website from sharing private information about consumers with private companies.

  • Try, try again on a good bill

    State Rep. Dee Richard and his colleagues in Baton Rouge are familiar with Richard’s proposal to trim state contracts and use the savings to pay for higher education.

  • Cheers and jeers: Jan. 24, 2015

    Help for those who need it — The Assisi Bridge House in Schriever is doing some good work.
    A halfway house for men, it is seeking to serve as a bridge to recovery for people who want to loosen the grip of drugs or alcohol.

  • Seafood leaders go to D.C.

    Officials with the Gulf Coast seafood industry are in Washington, D.C., this week. And our nation's leaders would be wise to listen to the message they are sharing.

  • Please stop and apologize

    Gov. Bobby Jindal so far has stood by his controversial and questionable statements over the weekend about Muslim communities in Western Europe. Jindal essentially repeated claims that there are Muslim neighborhoods in Europe where civil authorities...

  • Test the untested rape kits

    The fact that there could be more than 1,100 rapes across our state is disturbing enough.
    The more complete picture is far more disturbing than that.

Letters to the editor

  • Lone wolf never far from pack

    The lone wolf. This term is used frequently these days referring to a single terrorist.
    One thing about a lone wolf is that he's are never far from the wolfpack.
    Today the wolfpack is online with telephone and computer connections.

  • Time to get back to basics

    Well, it’s a new year. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a great New Year celebration. I wish all of you well.

  • Our nation is under attack

    America is currently under attack. This time it is from within our borders and from many of our fellow citizens.

  • Add your voice to the call

    Last Friday, the Supreme Court announced it will take up same sex marriage. While marriage equality has gained attention in recent years, the movement is older than many Americans realize.

  • Let's change the U.S. food system

    If we are going to spend billions every year on health care and food assistance programs, then we need to start investing more of that money into sustainable projects that are nearly free or can pay for themselves over time. Community farms on every...

  • We're crippling higher education

    Gov. Jindal is threatening to cut funding to higher ed in Louisiana yet again.He says the state's universities and colleges should expect another $200 million to $300 million cut for next year because of revenue loss due to low gas prices.

  • Thank you for the help, support

    Jan. 12 was the anniversary of the horrible Haiti earthquake of 2010. You have seen articles and documentaries of all types — many negative — regarding misappropriation of funds, all the problems still plaguing Haiti, unrest, etc. etc.

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