• Have fun, stay safe this weekend

    As we get ready to celebrate the nation’s birthday on Monday, we have a big weekend ahead of us.

  • Medicaid expansion is going well so far

    Louisiana has been on the road toward expansion of its Medicaid program since Gov. John Bel Edwards was elected in November.

  • Leadership needed on state boards

    There are hundreds of boards, commissions and task forces that come under the state’s oversight.

  • Added scrutiny is an improvement

    Gov. John Bel Edwards has promised to scrutinize potential property tax breaks for new and expanding industrial plants more closely rather than simply acting as a rubber stamp as the governor’s office has done in the past.

  • Local groups helping local people

    The Bayou Community Foundation has announced its annual grants to local nonprofits, and the money will go a long way toward making our area a better place to live.

  • Putting numbers on our risk

    Just about everyone in south Louisiana knows that we are close to the Gulf of Mexico and that we face a high risk of flooding.

  • Cheers and Jeers: June 25, 2016

    Cheers — Football is in the air
    Cheers — Taking office
    Cheers — Veterans, family members reconnect

Letters to the editor

  • The media make things worse in America

    The liberal media are to blame for much of the political turmoil in America.

  • Member backs reducing size of School Board

    On Wednesday the Finance Committee of the Lafourche Parish School Board will introduce a motion to allow the school board attorney to begin researching the possibility of reducing the size of the School Board from 15 to nine members.

  • Britain's decision makes good sense

    The British vote to leave the EU (Brexit) stunned many countries. Leaders could not understand the vote.

  • One of Lafourche's finest passes on

    Aaron E.L. Caillouet, one of the finest residents of Lafourche Parish, died on June 19.

  • Cruelty goes beyond dog-meat festival

    The Yulin dog-meat festival is condemned internationally and by many people in China itself — and rightly so. For most of us, the idea of killing, cooking, and eating dogs — the same animals we consider family — is repulsive.

  • I don't understand the situation in Baton Rouge

    I'm a rather simple person. I look at the fiscal mess that we have allowed to be created in our great state because we keep sending the same idiots back to fix the mess they created.

  • Help us recognize police officers

    At a time when so much negative attention is focused on a few depraved members of law enforcement, it is important for us to remember that the vast majority of law enforcement officers are kind, decent individuals who have dedicated their lives to...