• Home is a wise investment

    A recent study confirms what many local folks already knew: This is a smart place to buy a home. Because of the solid economy and the unparalleled quality of life, the real estate in Houma-Thibodaux just keeps going up.

  • No hurry on library's taxes

    The Lafourche Parish Library Board asked to hold a special election on its property taxes this spring, but the Parish Council shot down that request. Good.

  • Honoring our schools' best

    The fine teachers in our public school didn't get into education because of the endless stream of thanks that would come their way.

  • This isn't an oil bust

    Local industry and government officials are understandably concerned by the impact low oil prices will have on our region. But they are keeping a healthy perspective about what that impact will be.

  • Cheers and Jeers: Feb. 28, 2015

    Cheers -- Assessing your risk
    Cheers -- National honor
    Cheers -- More housing

  • Hard-won federal commitment is at risk

    The Gulf Coast states bear the brunt of the environmental toll it takes to drill for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • This must be a public priority

    The Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action is in a state of flux, and fixing it must be made a public priority.

Letters to the editor

  • Common Core is about control

    This is the bottom line: We either want to control education in Louisiana or we do not. Which is it?

  • Decision was a good one

    My husband, Richard, after going through chemo treatments for cancer and having been in the hospital for a lengthy stay, was admitted to Lafourche Home on Tiger Drive in Thibodaux for rehabilitation.

  • United we stand, divided we fall

    There is a huge drop in believing in God and family, and remember, this is what America was founded on. It seems we have forgotten about the Pilgrims, who came to America, landing at Plymouth Rock, and were mostly made up of large families and very...

  • Let's all thank a ‘cop' today

    As the years pass by in this tired old body, I always seem to find things in this world harder and more complicated to accept or understand.

  • Vets deserve quality of life

    A new House Bill has been introduced by Congressman Chris Gibson, D-N.Y. The bill, titled the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Act was presented to the 114th Congress on Friday and was referred to the House Committee of Veterans Affairs.

  • Support our Kurdish allies

    The U.S. has to start directly supplying significant military equipment to the Kurds so they can effectively combat ISIS. The Kurdish Peshmerga troops are excellent fighters and our allies in the Middle East, and we need to strengthen them so they...

  • Dog bites are a real danger

    Some things in life are certain, like death and taxes. Another near certainty is that dogs will bite letter carriers. I have been a letter carrier for 11 years.

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