Letters to the editor

  • Troops needed in Afghanistan

    The Obama administration finally listened to our military leaders, and they are now planning on leaving 9800 troops in Afghanistan through 2016 and probably beyond. Originally they were going to draw down to 5500 troops.

  • Tax would help Louisiana

    We are Louisiana. We do not want to be Mississippi. And, right now our Louisiana Legislature is trying to do just that. With only a 32-cent increase in the tobacco tax, it will put us at a 68-cent tobacco tax, equal to our neighbors. That 68-cent...

  • Courtroom needs a full jury box

    Each year millions of Americans get a sinking feeling when they receive a summons for jury duty.

  • Columnist got it wrong

    It's hard to tell if Editorial Page Editor Michael Gorman is only anti-Jindal or anti-Christian in general. After all, he recently called the Christian organization American Family Association "a really nice name for a really nasty bunch of people."

  • Egg industry uses cruelty

    Remember that salmonella outbreak that sickened more than 1,900 people in 2010?

  • Animals have to suffer

    I find the article in your May 1 edition concerning the eviction of My Heart's Desire animal rescue group to be very sad news.

  • Women deserve equal pay

    On Mother's Day and throughout the year, mothers in Louisiana deserve better treatment than they are getting.