Letters to the editor

  • Lose weight while saving animals

    The verdict is in: If you want to lose weight, you should eat healthy vegan foods rather than meat, eggs and dairy products.

  • Clearing up some misconceptions

    Thanks to Executive Editor Keith Magill for his efforts to demystify Common Core. Most people won't bother to visit the Council for a Better Louisiana website to get the facts.

  • Laws should be more strict

    Unbelievable. What other word could describe the decision to give two vicious dogs back to their owner to attack more innocent people. Unbelievable that a mail carrier was mauled in public while performing her job, then had to be rushed to the...

  • Foot broken, but eyes opened

    On Feb. 1 I broke my left foot in three places. This event opened my eyes to a world that I had only noticed in passing but did not really appreciate.

  • Kurds and Druze are threatened

    The conflicts in Syria have increased the complexity of the Middle East and exacerbated the instability in the region.

  • Majority vote and a giveaway

    Judy LeBoeuf hit the nail on the head, and she is saying the same thing we are all saying. And right there is the problem. The vocal minority is running the country. The silent majority is at their mercy.

  • Who will get offended next?

    Changes are happening rapidly. Who will get offended next? Since President Obama has been in the White House he has up lived his promise. This country is becoming a socialist nation more so than ever before.