Letters to the editor

  • United we stand, divided we fall

    There is a huge drop in believing in God and family, and remember, this is what America was founded on. It seems we have forgotten about the Pilgrims, who came to America, landing at Plymouth Rock, and were mostly made up of large families and very...

  • Let's all thank a ‘cop' today

    As the years pass by in this tired old body, I always seem to find things in this world harder and more complicated to accept or understand.

  • Vets deserve quality of life

    A new House Bill has been introduced by Congressman Chris Gibson, D-N.Y. The bill, titled the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Act was presented to the 114th Congress on Friday and was referred to the House Committee of Veterans Affairs.

  • Support our Kurdish allies

    The U.S. has to start directly supplying significant military equipment to the Kurds so they can effectively combat ISIS. The Kurdish Peshmerga troops are excellent fighters and our allies in the Middle East, and we need to strengthen them so they...

  • Dog bites are a real danger

    Some things in life are certain, like death and taxes. Another near certainty is that dogs will bite letter carriers. I have been a letter carrier for 11 years.

  • Banks protect information

    Louisiana banks are required by law to develop and maintain robust internal protections to combat and address criminal attacks and are required to protect consumer financial information and notify consumers when a breach occurs within their systems...

  • BESE should answer questions

    As members of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, we have requested a special meeting of BESE to address the concerns of school districts being punished for students who choose to opt out of PARCC testing. Unfortunately, our request was...