Letters to the editor

  • Global warming is a scam

    Hooray for the John Birch Society again. Upon reading all the discussions about climate change, I would like to report that the JBS's flagship magazine, The New American, has its main article titled "The Global Warming a Hoax? — Actual...

  • Veto will hurt state retirees

    I join the officers and the members of the Louisiana Retired Teachers Association's executive board in expressing dismay at and extreme disappointment with Gov. Jindal's veto of House Bill No. 42.

  • End useless testing on animals

    Since the Toxic Substances Control Act to regulate chemicals was first created in 1976, we have forced chemicals down the throats of animals, stuffed animals into restraint tubes to inhale poisonous vapors and burned their skin with corrosive...

  • Choose your battles well

    "Choose your battles well." These words of wisdom have been around for a long time. But, as is so often the case, when it comes to wisdom, many people don't get it.

  • Shooting resulted from human error

    It is sad to see another police officer gunned down by a suspect who was being transported to jail. As the investigation continues, the shooter will no doubt turn out to be a career criminal.

  • Entertainment isn't news

    The more I watch Fox News and MSNBC, the more I feel like I'm watching "The Wizard of Oz" and "Dumb and Dumber." These aren't news stations; they are strictly entertainment stations with biased agendas for the Republicans and Democrats.

  • Chaining dogs is cruel

    As your recent article about the pit bulls who were recently rescued from a dogfighting ring in Terrebonne Parish points out, chaining dogs is common practice among dogfighters. In light of this, I urge officials to help prevent cruelty to animals...