Letters to the editor

  • Don't forget your heart on Valentine's Day

    Forget about your sweetheart this Valentine's Day — focus on your own heart. Heart disease is still the nation's top killer, and experts estimate that the cost of treating cardiovascular disease in the U.S. will triple to $818 billion per year...

  • Justice was done in guilty verdict

    Robert Chouest’s defense attorney, George Ledet, said in his closing statement in the murder trial of Shawn Galjour that no one knew why Galjour was in the driveway and he and Chouest didn't know each other.

  • Make sure you are smart around firearms

    The New Orleans community continues to feel the aftershocks of a tragedy that led to the death of a toddler recently. On Jan. 20, a 3-year-old was fatally shot and killed when a gun stashed under a pillow on the bed shared with his grandmother...

  • Louisiana is taxing professors' loyalty

    This is an open letter to Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards. I teach in the UL System, and I am having trouble reconciling a few things.

  • Presidential debates offer country no hope

    We should be grateful to the presidential "debaters" for giving us a front seat view of what our government is all about.

  • Medicaid expansion will help Louisianans

    The number of people who are forced to live without the assurance of health care coverage is continuing to decrease because of Medicaid expansion.

  • This is not a sign of a trend

    When it comes to strategy and performance efficiency, as a business and campaign consultant, one of the aspects that becomes a focus is regional trends, monitoring local, state and national behaviors.