Letters to the editor

  • Why I’m not with Mary

    Below are my top 10 reasons why I will not be voting for Mary Landrieu.

  • There's no room for racism

    Racism is, by its very nature, divisive, and I think we have seen this over the last two weeks on social media.

  • Don't be fooled by 'humane' label

    As we approach Thanksgiving, there has been a lot of talk about “humanely raised” turkeys, and companies such as Butterball have placed “American Humane Certified” labels on their packaging.

  • Is your wage keeping pace?

    “Bringing home the bacon” is 32 percent more expensive than five years ago. For the same period, inflation hit the following: outpatient hospital services (31 percent), inpatient hospital services (36 percent), fuel (96 percent),...

  • Mary Landrieu has helped women

    Mary Landrieu is the best friend of Louisiana women, a leader on adoption and foster care issues. Mary secures millions in grants for charities, law agencies and legal clinics to protect battered women.

  • Louisiana was the winner

    Election Day has come and gone. Louisiana is the winner, in that we will have a new U.S. senator, come December.

  • Flag is an insult, not a tribute

    I muse about all the good that has come out of this state and parish, but there are certain reminders that lead me to think we still have a way to go in Louisiana and this parish as far as race relations are concerned.