Letters to the editor

  • We need to limit the government

    The federal government today is involved in every aspect of our lives.
    This is a far cry from what our founders envisioned and wanted.
    The states created the federal government and granted them certain limited powers.

  • Supply should meet demand

    This week the Louisiana Center for Afterschool Learning is celebrating Lights On America, a national celebration dedicated to the academic and intellectual growth that is cultivated in the nation’s after-school programs in which 10.2 million...

  • Why not obey public records law?

    Often I receive complaints from residents stating that the Louisiana Department of Education is not following the Public Records Act.

  • Six-day mail is important

    I’ve rarely witnessed anything like the situation involving the U.S. Postal Service.

  • Vote against amendments

    There’s been a big push to pass amendments 1, 2 and 11 over the past few weeks, but all three — under the guise of helping granny — ultimately hurt all Louisianans, including granny.

  • Term limits for the sake of term limits?

    In the election for the office of Terrebonne district attorney, term limits have become a campaign slogan for the man who once held the office and is trying to get it back.

  • The answer is easy on Landrieu

    Should we re-elect Mary Landrieu?
    Answering the following pragmatic questions makes that decision easy:
    1. Do you want to keep your current insurance?
    2. Do you want to keep your current doctors?