Letters to the editor

  • Learn how to protect yourself

    It is quite clear that the police cannot protect citizens as the heinous rape and murder of the pastor's wife in Indianapolis demonstrated.

  • Election promises don't hold up under scrutiny

    I have voted in every election since 1959. This time I almost didn't as most of the races did nothing for Louisiana except keep our corrupt image to the rest of America.

  • Destroy Islamic terrorists in Syria

    The Western world has to go into Syria and Iraq to eliminate ISIS. ISIS has established a caliphate, and if we destroy it in Syria and Iraq, its tentacles in other countries will hopefully tend to wither away.

  • Announcement by Taco Bell is a victory

    The announcement by Taco Bell that it will switch to using only cage-free American Humane Certified eggs in U.S. locations is a major victory for farm animals.

  • Watch out for this around pets

    Thousands of dogs have been poisoned (some fatally) in recent years by a substance that is 100 times more toxic to dogs than chocolate — and it could be in your pantry, purse or medicine cabinet right now.

  • What price for our blue water Navy veterans?

    As of this writing, there are 289 members of the House of Representatives who are co-sponsors of House Resolution 969 and 34 member of the Senate who are co-sponsors of Senate Bill 681.

  • Vitter would be bad for Louisiana

    Louisiana’s most prominent voice on the national stage is the resident of the governor’s mansion. Thus it’s crucial that our next governor is capable of speaking eloquently and knowledgeably about our most pressing issue, our...