Letters to the editor

  • Rouses in Raceland will be missed

    I want to thank Ms. Dee, Margaret, Mr. Arthur and Mr. Robert for their special kindness and help for so many years of service. Due to the closing of our Raceland Rouses La. 1 store that I shopped at since 1979, I am writing this letter.

  • Board perks send the wrong message

    Once again some of our elected board members put their wants before the needs of the children. The vote taken giving them a free computer and free Internet at home was passed 9-6. Note: These are free, with taxpayer money. I thank the six of you who...

  • Support amendments for state infrastructure

    Do we need transportation issues solved with common sense and money we already have? I say yes. You asked your Legislature for innovative transportation financing solutions to make improvements without impacting your bottom line.

  • The schools need more prayer, not less

    A recent newspaper ran a story with the headline, "La. school draws fire for prayer boxes." The ACLU is accusing The Bossier City School Board of wrongfully promoting religion for allowing the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to set up prayer...

  • Don't make it even more difficult to control your own land

    I am against Dana Brown's opinion in the Sept. 28 paper changing the language in the Clean Water Act to make farming and ranching almost impossible and take away more private property rights.

  • Gus Falgout of Raceland was a local unsung hero

    The recent death of Mr. Gus Falgout Sr. of Raceland, as posted in your obituary section, may have not been of great significance to many of your readers.

  • Restrict immigration to the Western world

    Syrians and Iraqis are flooding Europe seeking a new life. European countries allowed 20 million people from the Middle East and North Africa to enter after World War II. They now number 50 million, and they refuse to integrate into Western...